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We are in a much better place now than we were just a few months ago. I cannot thank the program enough for what it has done for me!
Student | Phillipines
What I felt after applying these principles was amazing! Strong, powerful, self-respect, and I recognized my voice again! All my frustration melted away.
Graphic Artist | Russia
Ramona has helped me feel confident, strong, powerful, and influential as a woman! There isn't one woman on earth I would not recommend this program to.
Homemaker | United States
Ramona’s zeal is contagious and her perspective and wisdom are so refreshing. Any woman who wishes to become stronger, more empowered, and happier in her marriage would benefit from this program!
Teacher | Italy
Love what I am learning from Ramona and the progress my HUSBAND is making with me! My learning ( and teaching!) allows him to grow alongside me!
Research Scientist | United States